Friday, 17 August 2012

The 10 Top Reasons Why Most People Fail To Close The Sale

If you want to close more sales you need to stop doing the following:

  1. Rushing into sales call without being properly prepared
Don’t rush into sales calls without having thought about what you need to prepare in advance.  If you don’t have the information the customer wants about your products and services immediately to hand then you risk losing the sale.

  1. Having very little idea about what you want to achieve in each sales call
Everyone knows it is important to set goals.  It’s just common sense isn’t it?  However what is common sense is not common practice.  I know you know about how to set specific objectives for your sales call. The question is, do you do it?

  1. Not introducing yourself to the customer properly
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  When meeting a prospective customer for the first time, relax, slow down, smile and introduce yourself calmly and clearly.

  1. Not grabbing your prospect’s attention
You must get your prospective customer’s attention fully onto you.  Hook the customer’s attention. One of the fastest ways is by making them curious about what you have to offer.

  1. Not establishing rapport
You can establish rapport by having a genuine desire to truly understand what is important to the other person. It sets you apart from your competition.

  1. Talking too much about your products/services

Telling is not selling.  Asking questions to understand what someone wants and then showing them that you can help is selling.

  1. Assuming you know what the customer wants
It is dangerous to assume you know what a customer wants.  Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers.  What you hear that will help you to close the sale.
  1. Not understanding how much money the customer has to spend
 Many prospective customers will be very happy for you to provide free advice and consultancy and avoid talking about money.  You are a salesperson, not a free advice bureau.  A sale isn’t a sale until the money is in the bank.

  1. Not watching for buying signals
 Keep your eyes and ears open.  Look out for verbal and non-verbal signs of interest.  Look and listen – the customer will tell you when they want to buy!

  1. Not closing frequently enough
 It usually takes several attempts to close the sale.  Make sure you close frequently and sooner rather than later.  The customer is expecting you to ask for the order, so do so!

Simon Hazeldine is the bestselling author of four business books that have been endorsed by famous business leaders including Duncan Bannatyne from BBC TV’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ and multi-billionaire founder and CEO of Dell Computers, Michael Dell.

Simon is in demand as a keynote speaker; performance consultant and facilitator in the areas of leadership, organisational performance and sales force effectiveness.  He has a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Performance and extensive international business experience.

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  1. I've learned so much from this post. I've encountered some of these failures in selling. Thanks for sharing.