Friday, 29 June 2012

And the winner is....

Thanks for posting titles for Shortie’s #catnovels!

We had some great ones:

A Tale of Two Kitties
The Girl With the Dragon Cattoo [special mention]
The Shortieshank Redemption
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
Meow to Win Friends and Influence People [special mention, non-fiction]
Northangar Tabby
Fur From the Madding Crowd
The Thin Red Feline

Ali Muirden promised a bar of chocolate for her favourite title – and the winner is..... 


... which made Ali laugh.

Lynne Powell, your chocolate is on its way!

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Kitten-dle

A bit of midsummer fun - we love this picture of Shortie reading her Kindle. 

What's she's reading? The Great Catsby, A Pussage to India, or maybe Catlas Shrugged? The Purrfect Storm?

What do you think she's reading? -LK

Friday, 8 June 2012

Turning your book into a bestseller

We’re in New York – and loving it!

What a great time we’ve had at BEA – Book Expo America.

At one of the many inspiring seminars, Megan McMahon of Likeable Media shared the nine tips she and her ‘Buzz Builders’ used to turn her boss’s book into a bestseller – and we’re sharing them with you!

1. Sign up to get noticed (Get busy on blogs!)

2. Thank everyone (Thank people for blog comments and retweets)

3. Humanize (For example, if you’re team-tweeting, make sure people know there are human beings there)

4. Share valuable content (Megan probably doesn’t mean cat videos, but we like them! J)

5. Implement fun incentives (Like contests and giveaways)

6. Utilize location-based platforms (We got a bit lost here, but it had something to do with FourSquare... we think!)

7. Tap into bloggers and influencers (Connect!)

8. Use social media like Twitter as a customer service tool (We love when companies do this...)

9. Stay organised (At least we think that’s what it was – we seem to have lost the last page of notes. Oh no, wait! Here it is.)

Thanks, Megan! Loads of great stuff in there. - LK 

Photo by Pratham Books

Friday, 1 June 2012

Light the Kindling

eReaders have changed our lives - but they're not perfect yet...

We love our Kindles – the eInk is so impressive! But reading them when there’s limited light is a problem.

Creative Content director Ali Muirden has found this rather clever solution for reading in bed, but admits to getting cramp in her hand after awhile.

We’d love to know: How do you read your Kindle when there’s limited light? - LK