Friday, 20 April 2012

London Book Fair for Ladies

We had a great time at the London Book Fair this year! Ali has some great DOs and DON’Ts that she passed on to someone who was attending the Fair for the first time this year. Maybe they’ll come in handy for you next year! These tips are mostly for women, but men may find a useful titbit or two...

1. DON’T rush out and buy six inch new leather court shoes for the bookfair - you will be crippled all week!

2. DON’T rush out and decide to dye your hair a bold new shade of auburn for 'the fun of it'!!

3. DON’T decide to have a facial peel to brighten the complexion convinced the redness will have gone by Monday morning!

4. DON’T spend a grand you haven't got on a new power business suit!

5. DO remember to wear comfy underwear that doesn't dig in or has cleavage enhancing removable padding which then 'removes' itself halfway through a meeting!*

6. DO check every time you go to the loo to be sure you haven't tucked your skirt into your knickers!! Ali Muirden

*This apparently happened to a colleague of Ali’s. Her ‘padding’ worked its way up her chest. She snatched it out, claiming it was a rogue shoulder pad.

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