Friday, 30 March 2012

Synchronicity and The 5 States of Success

Today we're proud to publish the audio book version of 'The 5 States of Sucess', written and read by Brendan Foley. Today he shares with us how the audio book came about...

On a stunning Tuesday afternoon – I met with a colleague of mine for lunch. Little did I know that this meeting would lead to me publishing an audio book. Some months previous to this meeting I had published The 5 States of Success as a paperback and eBook. It had launched with great acclaim and had quickly reached #1 on

When I met Brian he asked how the book was going and confessed that even though he had the book, he hadn’t read it yet. (All too often this is the case as many authors will know!). When I pressed Brian a little further he very honestly said “I find reading these days really tires me, but recently I’ve started to listen to audio books and I love them”. This statement was to lead to an incredible trail of synchronicity.

Pondering Brian’s comments I started to become aware of all the people that either because of lack of time, interest or diminishing sight would enjoy audio books. I’ve also always prided myself on making my information very accessible to all, so that those with a visual, auditory or kinesthetic(feeling based) learning style would be catered for. The lack of the audio became something that I had to rectify.

I Facebooked my commissioning editor for my first book The Yin Yang Complex, a great guy called Eoin Purcell, and he said he had come across a small but impressive audio book company called Creative Content. I googled them and called Ali one of the founders. The rest as they say is history. Ali, Lorelei and I met in London and hit it off straight away.

Perfect synchronicity.

So in looking at this experience I can definitely say that all the 5 States of Success were at play; insight, connection, certainty, vitality and spirit. The state of insight in that I realized a gap in market, the state of connection in that I reached out to people that I knew could help, the state of certainty in that I knew both my book and I would be good in audio, the state of vitality which gave me the get up and go to do this  Finally, the state of spirit; which is all about purpose. I knew that if I could meet a publisher that understood that this work is about making the world a better place, that we would succeed!

As for the experience of creating an audio book – it is an art form.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for those in audio book publishing. It’s less glamorous than the paperbacks and hardbacks, but in some ways to me anyway, it’s more human. It’s like the difference between a phone call and an email – one has information and very little emotion and other lots of information and lots of emotion. I think this is what makes audio books so special.

So if you have read to this point thank you and now go and get yourself a copy of The 5 States of Success – I promise you will love it. Get it HERE.

Yours in meaningful success,


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