Friday, 20 January 2012

2011 - that was the eYear that was!

Ali Muirden gives us Creative Content's year in review:

I've just been looking back at our publishing programme for 2011 and it was certainly the year of the eBook.  We decided to concentrate our energies and resources into publishing a brilliant collection of crime novels, previously published by Creme de la Crime in print editions.   With the eBook sector continuing to grow exponentially, this certainly proved very timely and we're really proud to have added this wide and varied collection to our list.

We continued our collaboration with military publishing specialist Osprey with the addition of 'Henry V', another from their "Command" series, being added to our audio collection.  It was beautifully  read by Jamie Glover, who was the perfect reader, having appeared in many RSC productions.

Jamie is also the voice behind one of our best-selling backlist titles: Improve Your Speech - British English.  He has many fans who have left comments on our YouTube page for this book including one who commented "I want HIS voice!"

This brings me neatly to our next publication which was the lyrical and moving memoir by Isla Blair (who just happens to be Jamie's mum!).  In a 'Tiger's Wedding - my childhood in Exile' Isla writes beautifully and movingly about her extraordinary childhood.  Born  in Kerala in India, Isla was sent to boarding school in cold gloomy post-war Scotland in the 1950s when she was only five years old and spent the next 10 years or so living apart from her beloved parents at school in the UK.  On release the book received fantastic reviews in the media, all of which were hugely deserved.

Isla also reads the audio edition which is available on download from all good retailers.  She brings such warmth and charm to this version of her book and it is very emotional listening.  Well worth a look and listen!

Next up was another biography but this was in a completely different sphere.  Chris Nickson's  detailed biography of John Martyn,  'Solid Air - the life of John Martyn', concentrates on John's music and is everything a fan of this highly respected musician could want.  It was published simultaneously with the tribute album of John's best known tracks which featured artists such as Phil Collins, Paolo Nutini, David Gray and Judi Tzuke!

We continued our military theme in July with the publication of "The Lowdown - A short history of the origins of the Vietnam War" written by Dr David Anderson of the University of California at Monterey (surely he must win the "who has the best office location" competition hands down?).

David is an authority on this subject and his account of how the Vietnam War came about is a master-class for anyone who wants to understand more about world changing events in modern history. You can impress your friends next time you're out for dinner, with your concise and expert knowledge of this fascinating subject!

In November and December we moved into a totally new area with the addition of the audio versions from top CBeebies show "Grandpa in My Pocket" to our audio list.  The show is the top children's programme on the BBC and was deservedly nominated for another BAFTA. We published two audio titles, "A Garden Full of Beasts" and "No Ordinary Pig", in conjunction with the programme makers Adastra at the end of 2011.  Watch this space for news of other titles from this series in 2012.

The other development in 2011 was the publication of text and speech synchronised editions of a variety of our backlist titles including the best-selling "Improve Your Speech" series.  We had long wanted to get eBook editions of these popular titles published and they are now available via iScroll who have launched an App which enables the speech to be synchronised to the text so that you can read and listen at the same time.  

So all in all, 2011 was another very busy year and it's now onwards and upwards for the new publications forthcoming in 2012.  Come back and visit our blog for more information on that soon! - Ali Muirden

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