Friday, 23 December 2011

Something for everyone, whether they're naughty or nice....

Remembered everyone on your Christmas list? eBooks make the perfect last-minute present. Here’s a few suggestions from our list:

For your favourite silver surfer: A Tiger’sWedding: my childhood in exile by Isla Blair. A beautifully written memoir, set in India and Scotland.

For a classical music nut: The Charles Patterson series by Roz Southey - Broken Harmony, Chords and Discords, Secret Lament and Sword and Song. Historical crime fiction set in 18th century Newcastle, following the fortunes of a harpsichordist/ composer

For the more modern music lover: Solid Air –The Life of John Martyn by Chris Nickson. A biography of the British singer-songwriter and guitarist.

For a theatre lover: Behind You, Passion Killers, and Dead Like Her by Linda Regan. Crime fiction set in a theatrical world that the actress-author knows well.

For a CSI/Prime Suspect fan: The Bev Morriss series by Maureen Carter: Working Girls, Baby Love, Dead Old, HardTime, Bad Press, Blood Money and Death Line. Gritty police procedurals set in Birmingham.

For someone who can’t wait for the next Janet Evanovich novel: Dead Woman’s Shoes and The Fall Girl by Kaye C Hill. Quirky crime fiction set on the Sussex coast.

For a history buff: The Lowdown series: A Short History of the Origins of WWI, A Short History of the Originsof the Vietnam War and A Short History of the First Gulf War. Concise accounts of important historical events.

For a sports fan: The Lowdown: A Short History of the World Cup by Mark Ryan. Bone up before 2014!

For an international traveler: The Lowdown business series: Business Etiquette Japan, Business Etiquette China, Business Etiquette India, Business Etiquette Russia and Doing Business in Mexico. ‘Top tips’ guides to doing business abroad.

Ali and Lorelei wish you everything wonderful for Christmas and the new year!

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