Friday, 25 November 2011


We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving – and we’d like to take this opportunity to list the things we’re grateful for here at Creative Content:

Lorelei is thankful for business partner Ali’s vision, tenacity, generosity and sense of fun!

Ali is thankful for Lorelei's work ethic (no slacking!), her wit - and her knowledge of the correct use of grammar and punctuation!

We’re thankful to designer Dan for his creativity, patience and seemingly endless supply of fresh ideas (he’s in the middle of re-designing our website – watch this space!).

We’re thankful to our sound editor Al for his sterling work on our audio titles, his fantastic blog support, and his role as number one CC cheerleader!

We’re thankful to our crime writers for their talent – it’s a privilege to publish such terrific crime fiction

We’re thankful to our business and lifestyle writers for sharing their expertise.

We’re thankful for our voice artists – they bring our titles to life!

And we’re thankful for you – we’ve loved interacting with you on Twitter, Facebook and our blog!

We’d love to know - what are you thankful for? – Lorelei and Ali

photo by WishUponaCupcake

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  1. These cupcakes for thanks giving look awesome there's no doubt about it ! congratulations!