Friday, 16 September 2011

Off with the old - on with the new!

Lorelei is very excited!  This week she met with our fabulous designer Dan to discuss the idea of our new-look website (coming soon, so watch this space!).

We’ve been discussing the idea of a re-vamp for a while now. I sometimes think that websites are a little bit like kids. Just when you’ve got them kitted out and spent a small fortune on them, getting them all the right gear in the correct size, they have a growth spurt and need a complete new look and off you go again.

Lorelei and I have both given the idea a lot of thought and discussed the kind of design we do and don’t like.  

Personally, I’m a very central kind of girl. I like things to be equal and orderly.

No messy “flags” waving around at funny angles, no odd “kooky” pop ups bobbing up and down and flailing around, distracting you from the job at hand.

I wonder what that says about me as a person?

In the interests of research, I took a good look at some of my favourite websites.  One of the things that most stood out about the best retail websites out there is simplicity. Build a “no brainer” and they will come!

Writing the copy for a website is very tricky though. You’ve got a lot to say and trying to cut it back to the bare bones is very hard, especially when you want to really convey lots of information and your enthusiasm for what you’re publishing. It’s been an interesting exercise in self control and discipline.

But as an exercise in self discipline I’m letting Lorelei and Dan get on with the job of the re-design as this is what they both love and do best. Lorelei is, after all, the woman who made her husband paint their living room walls 6 times* until they were just the right shade. The right shade of white, that is!  Anyone that picky must be trustworthy.

It’s probably going to give me hives not being in control, but hey, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Or so they say!

We’d love some feedback from you, so do feel free to tell us what your favourite websites are and why. - Ali Muirden

*actually, it was 8 times - LK

Photo by kthypryn.

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