Friday, 2 September 2011

The devil is in the detail...

Our sound editor Al continues his blogoholic binge. Today he's writing about the importance of attention to detail....

This time around, I thought I’d talk about the importance of being diligent about checking things and having an eye for detail.

The main pseudonym or alias I tend to us when I register with on-line forums and the like, is Eagle Eye Al. This nomenclature (I’ve always loved that word, but rarely get a chance to use it!) was applied to me by a good friend of mine after he spotted that I had an uncanny knack for observing the smallest things, or noticing the less obvious - particularly in text or photographs.

This has stood me in good stead here at Creative Content and I am pleased to say that I am in good company, as both Ali and Lorelei seem to have that same in-built ability. This comes in very handy when the myriad items that come our way have to be given the once (or twice or maybe even thrice!) over.

Some examples of how we just HAVE to be “eagle eyed” are: proof reading, artwork checking, setting up contracts, keying title information into databases, reading and understanding manuscript submissions, converting audio into eBook text format (not as easy as you might think!), identifying obscure names and places in scripts so that pronunciation is correct (when narrating or producing audio) and ensuring that we know how they SHOULD sound and not how they MIGHT sound! These are just a few of many.

Additionally, when editing audio, I have had to use not only my “eagle eyes”, but also my “eagle ears” (do eagles HAVE ears?) as I’m working from a script (which I’m reading) as well as listening to the narration as it goes along and I have to match the two up. It doesn’t always work either - today I had the abbreviation “IRC” read as “RIC” - easily done and easily missed in the original recording.

Anyway, the moral of this week’s blog is that that DETAIL MATTERS! We have to be very strict when we come to check things here at CC, as there are an awful lot of letters and numbers involved - it also helps that in most cases we have two or three pairs of eyes and ears on the case, so don’t ever be afraid of getting someone else to look or listen - if in doubt, get it double-checked!

So until next time…keep ’em peeled! - Al Muirden

Photo by Alan Cleaver

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