Friday, 26 August 2011

La Isla Bonita

Sound editor Al did a splendid job with the audio book of "A Tiger's Wedding". He's obviously a fan!

This week I thought I would write a little about the recently published memoir, written by Isla Blair - “A Tiger’s Wedding - my childhood in exile” which is jointly published by Creative Content and Julian Calder Publishing, with CC doing audio and eBook formats and JCP publishing the hardback.

The opportunity for CC to get involved with the book came about when Ali was producing an unrelated audio recording session with Isla’s son Jamie Glover and just happened to ask about Isla. Jamie mentioned the book to Ali, Ali then spoke with Lorelei the same day and they decided to commit within a week of receiving the manuscript, to the co-publishing deal for “A Tiger’s Wedding - my childhood in exile” and the book was published in all three formats on June 26th 2011

Isla writes with such passion, warmth and honesty - the audio version of the book (which is of course Isla narrates) really is a fascinating listen - all of these traits are very evident and Isla truly brings the pages to life - invaluable for a memoir of course…

Additionally, in written/eBook form, the old adage of “…I couldn’t put it down” is very apt for “A Tiger’s Wedding…” and Isla‘s supremely eloquent writing style ensures that the reader is captivated right from the start.

At the beginning of August, the book received a five star review in The Mail on Sunday from the highly respected Kathryn Hughes and Isla appeared on BBC’s “Breakfast” programme on Monday (August 15th) to further promote her book, this followed on from an appearance on Jeni Barnett’s BBC Radio London Sunday programme.

So with interest in the book growing, Isla has some promotional appearances between now and the end of the year, then extending into 2012.

The first of these is a reading and signing session at the Barnes Bookshop in London on Thursday September 8th between 6 and 8pm. This is then followed just over a week later by what should be a fascinating conversation about the book, with her son Jamie, at the Chiswick Book Festival on Saturday September 17th at 3:45pm. There are more dates in the process of being confirmed, which will initially see Isla in Cheltenham, Folkstone and Edinburgh with other dates/locations pending - keep up with the CC Twitter page for further information.

Isla is such an enthralling speaker, you won’t want to miss her!

Oh and by the way, the translation for “La Isla Bonita” is “beautiful island” and the analogy to “A Tiger’s Wedding - my childhood in exile” is appropriate as Isla has written a truly beautiful and remarkable book that stands proud with an integrity and honesty all its own - like all the best islands in the world - I highly recommend it!- Al Muirden 


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