Friday, 5 August 2011

It's nice to be liked!

Our lovely sound editor Al blogs about sharing the love...

I imagine that there are many people out there that think like me - it’s nice to be liked, just like it’s nice to be appreciated, praised and supported. All these things make us feel good - it’s only natural!

Recently, both Ali and Lorelei have received some of this positivity from their peers - in Ali’s case, one of the audio books she worked on as producer last year won a prestigious award for its narration and meant that Ali actually got an award - yes a physical, engraved award - this was no mean feat and was thoroughly deserved!

Lorelei’s was different, and came in a slew of fantastic reviews of one of the audio books she recently narrated (of course Lorelei is no stranger to actual awards as she has picked up MANY over the years - and continues to do so, understandably, as she is right at the top of her game!) but the reviews were just universally FULL of praise for her performance…

Being so close to Ali made me appreciate just how MUCH this award meant to her - Lorelei was the same, with their reactions being “…hey, people are appreciating what I do and letting me know about it - I’ll do it some more!”

SO - appreciation, praise and support are inspiring - all make us feel like getting on and doing more of the same - or better yet, doing more of the same, but BETTER!

If I’ve been working on an audio book that has impressed me - either by the way it has been narrated or the way the book was written, I have got into the habit of emailing the reader or the author, telling them how impressed I’ve been - without exception, I get an email back from each of them, and the response is always the same: they are very grateful that someone has taken enough of an interest in what they do, to take the time to contact them directly. Obviously, I am fortunate to be able to contact them direct, but the point is that wherever it comes from, praise and appreciation works both for the giver and the receiver - it makes us feel good!

So if you get a chance praise someone or make them feel appreciated because something they have done has impressed you, don’t shy away from it - let it come out - verbally (always the more difficult I know) or by whatever electronic means there happens to be!

Believe me, we WANT to be praised, appreciated and supported - it makes us feel good and it makes us feel liked… we need a whole lot more of that in the world! - Alan Muirden

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