Friday, 15 July 2011


Writer and actress Linda Regan talks about encouragement...

Have been quite busy of late: My new book comes out next month, and Dead Like Her and Passion Killers come out in E-format. I am also working on a new one which will be published next year. 

Sometimes when I get writer's block, or my nerves start unsettling my confidence, I re-read my old reviews, to give me impetus and remind myself that I can do it. I have met some extremely nice people in the crime-writing world. I suppose we all write dreadful things in our books, and kill people and things like that, so in real life we are more chilled and hopefully kind. 

Lovely Colin Dexter, a wonderful writer, a great teacher, and a lovely person very kindly read and reviewed Passion Killers for me, and he gave me the following quote: Regan exhibits enviable control over her characters in this skilful and fascinating whodunit. I’m really proud of that, and thrilled that Colin Dexter likes my work, but most of all truly grateful to him for saying so. - Linda Regan

Cheerleaders photo by Sergey Vladimirov

'Dead Like Her' and 'Passion Killers' are published in eBook format by Creative Content.

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