Friday, 1 April 2011


This week, Creative Content Ltd director Ali Muirden blogs about  ... serendipity!

I’ve always loved the word serendipity. It means ‘the accidental discovery of something wonderful or fortunate‘.  And a few months ago, CC were lucky enough to happen upon a wonderful new addition to our eBook and audio list which came about purely by chance.

I was recording The King’s Speech with Jamie Glover (when you get a minute check it out at Audible - it’s been getting rave reviews and has been in their bestseller list for weeks now!) and I happen to ask Jamie how his mum was.

Jamie’s mum just happens to be Isla Blair, who is herself a gifted audio reader as well as being instantly recognisable for her many roles on TV and the stage.

Jamie mentioned that Isla had been busy writing a memoir of her extraordinary childhood which began on a tea plantation in the hills of Kerala in India. I mentioned how much I’d love to read it and Jamie passed on the message to Isla, who kindly send me a copy via email.

The book is fascinating. Isla has the happy gift of being able to paint pictures with words and her prose is so evocative that you can almost smell the scent of the tea plants mixed with cardamom together with the aroma of the coconut oil that Isla’s ‘Ayah’ used on her hair.

This warm, spice-scented idyll was abruptly ended when, obliged by tradition and entirely believing they ere doing the best for their daughters, her parents sent Isla and her sister ‘home’ to boarding school. She was not quite six.

But ‘home’ was cold, gloomy, post-war austerity Scotland – a land of liberty bodices, chilblains, icy mornings and dank, drizzly days; an alien land where, for several years she nursed a secret – of which only her sister, Fiona ,was aware.

It was the beginning of a series of long, lonely separations from their parents until they had both finished their education and Isla was accepted at RADA.

Both Lorelei and I enjoyed the book immensely and we’re very proud to announce that we will be publishing it in eBook and audio book format at the end of June this year, with a print version, published by Julian Calder, coming simultaneously. 

You never know where a casual conversation will lead! - AM

photo by Tetsumo

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