Friday, 4 March 2011

Not so “over the hill” after all!

Ali Muirden blogs about the surprising demographic driving eBook sales...

It gladdened my heart to read in The Bookseller recently that a survey recently conducted by OnePoll has discovered that the surge in digital eBook sales are being driven by the over 55s.

The poll estimates that around 500,000 now own an eReader device and that another 18% of those surveyed said they planned to purchase an eReader within the next year.

This is great news for several reasons. One is that this demographic are known to be heavy book readers/buyers and it’s interesting to see from this poll that they use the internet to buy books more than many other products, including holidays and DVDs.

Many people are posing the question “is the current surge in eBook sales just a fad?  These statistics suggest it’s not. In fact, if you make a commitment to spend over £100 on an eReader in the first place, chances are you’re not going to quibble at the cost of an eBook or two to read on it!

It was also very interesting to note that for once it’s not Apple leading the way.
According to the poll 47% of those who own an eReader had bought the Kindle, compared to 31% for the iPad and 14% rating the Sony eReader.

At Creative Content we’ve been very encouraged by the sales of our eBook products in the last year and have plans to publish at least one (and sometimes more) a month in 2011.

The Crème de la Crime fiction list has a superb and varied collection of crime novels to suit every taste and at just £8.99 represent great value for money and we’re very proud to be publishing the digital editions in partnership with the authors.

So maybe you can teach an old(er) dog new tricks? - AM

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