Friday, 15 October 2010

Why are we here? Because we're here....

Creative Content sound editor Al Muirden is in a philosophical mood...

What’s he going to talk about this week, with such a deep and meaningful title to this week’s CC blog?!!

Well - I lifted these two lines from a set of lyrics, written by one of my all time heroes, Neil Peart of the Canadian rock band “Rush” – the words are from their song “Roll the Bones” from the 1991 album of the same name. I know it’s obviously not the first time the “why are we here” question has been asked, but the combination of the question/answer complement each other perfectly in these lyrics. 

Neil is saying that we come in to the world with nothing and we take whatever “fate” or “destiny” throws at us and the BEST thing to do is deal with those circumstances in the BEST way we can..a simple message that all too often these days, doesn’t feature in our everyday lives.

I’m sure that everyone has heard about the incredible rescue of the 33 Chilean miners – this is something that I think (hope) has proved inspirational to many people – I truly hope that we are ALL inspired by this incredible event, to do our best for ourselves and others.

The rescue has shown the world that fate threw those men a tough set of circumstances and they ended up trapped underground – those same circumstances inspired their rescuers to use determination, ingenuity and incredible self-belief that the men could be SAVED – and incredibly, a superhuman achievement by all concerned has resulted in the BEST outcome imaginable – truly man helping fellow man at all costs.

How do I link this into the Creative Content blog? Well I admit the connection is tenuous, but if you find yourself in a rut with whatever you’re doing  (sometimes with me, it’s an audio edit!), remember that it’s always the best thing to do, to do your BEST – sometimes it can seem like it’s not going to be worthwhile, but someone, somewhere will benefit from your actions – and it’s got to be WAY better to do the best you can than to give up – I hope that we can all take some inspiration from those rescuers in Chile – they certainly went the extra mile (or 33!) and made the miraculous rescue attempt, a reality.

(...and all this from a “glass half empty” guy like me – I’m seeing that glass in a different light now!) - Al Muirden

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  1. Your Blog this week is inspirational to everyone. We all moan at times, as a writer I moan that I have writer´s blog, I moan about the pain I have with my Shingles, but despite how I feel I know these are curable. Who would have thought that such a rescue could have been carried out with such a miraculeous outcome. It makes you stop and think!