Friday, 13 August 2010

Was W.C. Fields right?

W.C. Fields said, "Never work with children or animals...."

Ali and I have both recently been voice directing kids – not for Creative Content, but for other projects – and we’ve been comparing notes. The general consensus is that it’s a blast – but there are some funny moments.

For example: for publicity purposes, I recently had to interview a couple of child voice artists on camera. The little girl was like a 7 year old Joan Crawford, but it was a bit different with the boy... oh what the heck. I’ll do it as a play.

(Names have been changed, to protect the adorable...)

LORELEI: "Harry, when I ask you a question, can you answer in whole sentences?"

HARRY: "Yeah."

LORELEI: "So if I say, 'what character do you play,' you say, 'The character I play is Josh'. Got that?"

HARRY "Yeah."

LORELEI: "Whole sentences."

HARRY: "Yeah."

LORELEI: "'The character I play is Josh,' okay?"

HARRY: "Yeah."


LORELEI: "So what character do you play, Harry?"

HARRY: "Josh."

LORELEI: "Whole sentences, Harry. 'The character I play is Jo--"

HARRY: "ThcharctrIplayisJosh."

LORELEI: "Yes. That's the idea. So what character do you play, Harry?"

HARRY: "Josh."

LORELEI: "And um... what's the best thing about playing Josh?"

Silence. Staring.

LORELEI: "Well, what's the worst thing about playing Josh?"

Silence for ten seconds.

HARRY: "Having to take the Victoria Underline."



I’ve been working with children a lot the past couple of years - and have come to the conclusion that WC Fields gave bad advice. I say DO work with children if given the chance – you may find that they’re more courteous, creative and focused than many adults you work with. And as a bonus: I’ve never laughed so much or had so much fun....

Do you work with kids? How do you find it?

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