Friday, 14 May 2010

Interview with author Kaye C Hill

To tie in with the launch by Creative Content on of their first four Crème de la Crime novels in eBook format, we asked the four authors some questions to get some background on themselves and their books. This week, we feature Kaye C Hill.

Kaye C Hill - Dead Woman’s Shoes

Kaye’s sparky sleuth Lexy Lomax lives on the Suffolk coast where, when not writing, Kaye herself spends as much time as possible. It’s a place that she finds incredibly mysterious and atmospheric, making it a perfect setting for Dead Woman’s Shoes. Kaye is currently working on her third novel in the series, which will be out early in 2011

1. If you could choose any actress to play the lead role on TV or reading an audio version of your titles, who would you choose?

Kaye: This is a tough one! I think someone who was a tomboy - not glamorous - perhaps Sharon Small, who plays DS Barbara Havers in the Inspector Lindley Mysteries ? As for an audio book reader, I would choose someone with a laconic, humorous voice - like Jennifer Saunders or Jo Brand.

2. How do you structure the layout and plot lines of your books? Do you have a clear plot line, or do things twist, turn and develop as you go along?

I start off with a vague plan, then fill in detail as I go along. Characters appear and do and say things which can surprise me as much as the reader! I usually know who the murderer is, but have been known to change him or her when I’m three-quarters through writing the book! I keep a notepad for ideas and often sit in the garden or a nice outdoor place and scribble away ideas and then transfer those ideas to my computer…those ideas can be fleshed out more easily on paper rather than if I used a voice recorder…I also tend to write and check/improve as I go along, rather than write a full draft and then return to the start and then re-read and make changes. I think you need to be reminded of what you’ve written as you’re writing. I tend to write more in the mornings and aim to do around a thousand words per day.

3. Your book is publishing in ePUB/eBook format with Creative Content at the end of April. Do you have any specific views on the digital marketplace as an outlet for your titles and what do you think of the new devices like the Kindle?

Kaye: I think it’s important to move with the times. Much as I love the look and feel of traditional books, I also admire the sleek electronic versions - and also that you can store so many titles on them. I don’t have one at the moment, but we do intend to get one - you can’t fight it and especially the younger generation, who are at ease with the technology, will embrace it.

4. Did you set out to create a series based character or was that accidental?

It was always my intention to make Lexy Lomax the main character in a series of whodunits - the first book provides the background and contains certain strands if intrigue that I unravel from one book to the next. I realised that all the elements of Lexy’s character couldn’t be resolved in the first book, so set out to set up certain things that the reader can recognise as they start to read the next book. Some aspects can also just run and run from book to book, but there are always the connections and sub-plots which are important. I am a big fan of “series” based writing. A great example is Sue Grafton who has created a character in her books with an intriguing past and slowly revealed things book to book. I am also very impressed by Lindsey Davis’s writing - she has a PI character set in Imperial Rome. I also very much like Alexander McCall-Smith and of course Agatha Christie.

5. Is there any one person who inspired you to become a writer?

Kaye: I’m not sure whether they inspired me to start writing, but I have always liked the novels of Alexander McCall Smith and Lindsey Davis in particular, but I like to read many different authors.

6. Is a Private Investigator a career you ever saw for yourself and do you know any personally that inspire Lexy’s character?

Kaye: Writing about a private eye is definitely a case of wish fulfillment. When I was a kid, I really wanted to be a private detective and used to go around solving “crimes” in the street with my big tin foil badge saying “Kaye C Hill, Private Investigator” pinned to my raincoat! I don’t know any private investigators personally, but I was approached by one who had read the books and wanted to offer advice - but at a price. I didn’t take up the offer, but I think the world of official private investigating is only a few steps away from the world of un-official private investigating, which is really what Lexy does - she just keeps stumbling into situations - so there aren’t necessarily any “rules” to learn, but it is always useful to pick up any tips whenever I can. interview by Alan Muirden

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  3. Halfway through "Dead Woman's Shoes" and I just love it! Engaging characters and plot(s)!

    Absolutley love the humour!

    Hope to read the next one...and the next and the next...

    kindly, Sue Taylor-Davidson from Canada

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    2. Thanks, Sue! We think she's pretty fabulous and love her humour too. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!