Friday, 16 April 2010

A Leap of Faith

CC director Ali Muirden's husband Al has joined the freelance world and now counts Creative Content Limited as one of his clients.

Since my last CC blog, something monumental has occurred in my life - I have just completed my notice period from the company where I have worked for over 30 years, and stepped into a new phase of my life…. As a freelance sound editor. I think you’ll agree, that’s a pretty big step to take!

This wasn’t something I did without some considerable thought, I hasten to add, but having re-trained as a sound editor in order to work on Creative Content’s audio books in the middle of 2009. I was increasingly finding that my “day job” was crucially lacking in two things - it wasn’t allowing me to be creative and it wasn’t giving me any real job satisfaction

With my skills in audio editing rapidly improving, I felt genuinely confident that this was a skill I could also market elsewhere. Coupled to that was the fact that CC had increased its publishing schedule for 2010 and the seeds of change were sown…

Of course one down-side to the freelance lifestyle/work-choice is the uncertainty of where (and when) the next job will come – but luckily with a strong self belief in my abilities and the fact that this is something that I particularly enjoy and am genuinely good at, I am looking forward to the challenge of securing new clients for my fledgling business in the coming months.

Following on from Ali’s recent blog about “portfolio working” it also gives me a chance to put my other skills that I’ve acquired over my years in publishing into practice to help the CC team - I will keep you posted on how all this develops!

In addition to this, another big part of the decision to alter my working life, was to provide a little more time to work on my other ‘creative’ projects which include music and creative writing (I am also a drummer for several rock bands in my spare time!). It will also be great to take advantage of working outside the restrictions of a “normal” 9–5 job, to fit in a little bit of ‘me time’ and with the weather turning for the better, I hope that THAT becomes a reality too.

Watch this space for how this leap of faith develops! - Al Muirden

photo courtesy of Nickton

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