Friday, 5 March 2010

Team me up, Scotty!

CC director Ali Muirden's husband (and CC sound editor) Alan Muirden talks about teamwork.

This week I wanted to emphasise the importance of working together when it comes to running a business .

Teamwork is VERY important in Creative Content (CC). Ali and Lorelei work EXTREMELY closely, even though they are often not in the same room (all praise the power of eMAIL !) . All decisions are taken jointly and all end results and responsibility for those decisions, jointly shared. That’s the first and most important part of building a great team - shared responsibility…

So in CC things are off to a GREAT start! If you then add the “expanded” team of great people - cascading down from the top and spreading out to cover all aspects of how to run the business well - Ali and Lorelei’s decision making is aided to great degree by having the right people in this team. I’m talking about: authors, recording studio staff, editing and audio production people, designers, accounts and legal staff, and crucially…customers.

Finally, to make all of this gel, you have to have the right CHEMISTRY. This is a very strange and sometimes surreal element - in Creative Content there has always been that special “something”: hard to define, hard to explain, hard to understand, but easy to see when you get the right people working together.

By the time you read this, the first Creative Content “event” will have taken place in London. This was a chance for the “core” Team (Ali and Lorelei) to get together with the “expanded” team (everyone else) and have a chance to all be in the same room at the same time - a great opportunity for everyone to meet up and realise that each person makes a difference and each individual contribution makes the collective “whole.”

Teamwork isn’t rocket science (although in the case of “Scotty” in Star Trek, it most likely WAS erm…rocket science !) Teamwork is all about working together and sharing the load…even in Star Trek !

Keep up with Creative Content and you’ll see how teamwork - works! - Alan Muirden

photo: jsorbieus

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