Friday, 12 March 2010

Let's party!

This week we want to share a few pictures of our Christmas party ... held in February...
We're so lucky to have the most incredible team working with us at Creative Content - and we recently threw them a party to show our thanks. It was wonderful gathering our authors together, as well as other people who make things happen for us!

Moaners 'r' Us: The hostesses - who complained to management about the reserved seating arrangements, and were rewarded with free champagne and free platters of food.

You say "tomato" ... Mark Caven, author of "Improve Your Speech: American English" and "Improve Your Speech: American English for Chinese Speakers" with Deirdra Morris, co-author (with David Gwillim, who couldn't make it - he was teaching!) of the best-selling "Improve Your Speech: British English Level 1" and the recently published "Improve Your Speech: British English Level 2"

Always so supportive and encouraging (and quite the charmer), Richard Charkin, director of Bloomsbury and author of "Top Tips for Wannabe CEOs".

East meets West! Slava Katamidze and Charles McCall, authors of "Business Etiquette - Russia"

Our faithful sound editor and head cheerleader, Alan Muirden.

We had a great time - and can't wait 'til the next one!

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