Friday, 29 January 2010

The Baby Juggler

This week our guest blogger is Sara Lloyd, author of our latest title, 'The Baby Juggler'.

This week I have been mostly tearing around like a semi-crazed individual, trying to balance the organisation and co-presenting of an industry seminar with some complex business negotiations at the same time as organising an 'Iron Man' party for my son's 5th Birthday, planning for my young daughter Ava's trip into hospital for a third eye operation later this week, and trying to carve out time to help my eldest daughter Eden as she faces the increasing politics of the playground. On the surface I appear relatively calm but if you look closely you'll probably see the slightly manic glint in my eye, and, cliched but true, I feel like the swan with the legs paddling wildly underneath the surface.

You'll notice that housework, household admin, time for my relationship with my husband or my friends and time for myself are notably absent from the above. Some weeks it's just like that.
I started my blog - - almost three years ago. It was a way to find the humour in this never-ending whirl of activity, the circus act that is juggling children and family life with work; the prioritisation and re-prioritisation to ensure the most urgent things get done each week, the endless attempts to assuage the guilt that I am a 'Bad (absent) Mother', the energy dissipated by trying to stay 'in control' at work and at home whilst feeling I am anything but. It's turned out to be a fantastically cathartic process, as well as a great way to laugh at myself, but it's also turned out to be a great way to connect with the countless other Working Mums who handle just the same hand-wringing challenges each day.

My new book, The Babyjuggler, beautifully read by Adjoa Andoh in audio download and also available as an eBook, is, I hope, a quick fix for other women about to enter on this new phase of their lives or just beginning to experience it. It's a guide, a 'How To' book, but I've tried to keep it light hearted and fun, like the blog, and it's mercifully short and to the point, since we all know Working Mums aren't known for having a lot of spare time on their hands.

You can download the audio at or and you can buy the eBook at I'd love to hear your feedback and ideas too, so do leave me a comment here or at

I hope you find The Baby Juggler helpful. Good luck with your own baby juggling! - Sarah Lloyd

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