Friday, 22 January 2010

All the little nerdies go 'tweet tweet tweet'....

This week CC director Lorelei King blogs about her love affair with Twitter...

When we published our audio digital download title ‘Blogging for Business’ by James Long last year, we decided we’d better put our mouth where our money was, and have a stab at social media ourselves.

We started this blog – still finding our way, but learning all the time – and decided to have a go at Twitter.

As I am the ‘techie’ one of the team (alright, those who know me can stop laughing and pick themselves up off the floor now), tweeting was my job. I bought a book – ‘Twitter Power’ by Joel Comm – signed up, and jumped in.

And loved it immediately! (Only 140 characters at a time – I knew that short attention span would pay off one day...)

We have three accounts: one for our business, @CCTheLowdown , plus personal accounts for Ali @AliMuirden and me @LoreleiKing.

We use our business account mostly to keep up with what’s happening in publishing and audio – but as a bonus, it’s been the most fantastic way to source writers! So far we’ve commissioned two book ideas that were pitched to us on Twitter.

Ali is still finding her feet and trying to find time in her busy day to tweet on her personal account, and although – having worked in publishing for 28 years – she’s interested in publishing news and articles, I’ve noticed that she seems to have a disproportionately high number of tweets about cats....

I started out using my account to get in touch with other audiobook people and writers in order to keep up with what’s happening in the industry – but found myself really enjoying the conversation and banter.

Who knew that one of my favourite activities would be watching TV with my twitpals? I admit it; I’ve always liked junk TV – but even the most boring edition of Celebrity Big Brother is fun if you’re watching with your tweeps. Their online running commentary is hilarious; they are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

Lest you think it’s all lowbrow, we also have a pretty good attendance at #unichall, where the Twitter University team plays against whoever Paxo’s tormenting that night on University Challenge. (A tip: if you want to get points in #unichall, it helps to be a fast typist!). Besides being funny, my tweeps are smart.

I won’t single any of my tweethearts out for attention for fear of accidentally leaving someone out – but they’re a great group of people who’ve cheered me up, made me laugh out loud, kept me ‘company,’ recommended great books, great movies, great TV shows, other great tweepies, and pointed me in the direction of interesting articles and pithy industry info.

Twitter is a party. It’s fun, it’s educational, it’s informational (is that a word? Must ask my tweeps!). If you haven’t tweeted yet – start! Follow me and Ali and our company, if you like – it could be the start of a beautiful tweelationship! -LK

We’d love to know: Do you use Twitter in your business?
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