Friday, 4 December 2009

Is it lunchtime yet?

This week, CC director Lorelei King continues her occasional series of blogs on her life as a voiceover.

As a voiceover and voice director, I spend most of my working hours in the recording studio – and today I’ve been thinking about some of my favourites, and what makes them so great.

Here’s what I think makes a good studio:
It’s clean and looks loved.

The coffee is real, not instant!

They have muffins and croissants, but make them a little bit hard to get to so I’m not constantly tempted.

There’s a bit of natural light somewhere!

The staff love their jobs.

Examples of studios that get it right: there are loads of great studios in London, but I especially like Heavy Entertainment – chic design, great green room, espresso machine, staff who can’t do enough for you – and great lunches!

In New York I’m always happy at John Marshall Sound – loads of laughs, fabulous people, sensational view – and great lunches!
I have a great job – but a good studio makes it even nicer to go to work...
In a nutshell: creature comforts and pleasant people! - LK

We’d love to know: What do you like in a recording studio?

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