Friday, 13 November 2009

The Creme of the Crop

Friday the 13th is lucky for us! CC director Ali Muirden has some news...
There's been an exciting new development at Creative Content: We’ve signed a partnership deal with specialist crime fiction publisher Crème de la Crime to publish their catalogue of titles in ebook format!

We’ll be launching the first titles in April next year and we’re already buzzing with plans and ideas on how to make a real splash with this wonderful collection of crime novels.

How this event came about is in itself like something out of a novel! Back in the summer, I was invited to a party celebrating the launch of a new crime novel by the author Kaye Hill. It was being hosted by an old friend and ex-colleague (and now one of CC’s authors – he penned ‘Business Etiquette – India’) Mike Barnard at his lovely home in deepest, darkest Hampshire.

I vividly recall it was a filthy night, raining cats and dogs and I was sorely tempted to make my apologies and curl up on the sofa with a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc and the telly, however, a sixth sense told me that I should go - and thank goodness I did!

At the party I met Lynne Patrick, who is the co-founder - along with her husband, Jeff - of Crème de la Crime, a specialist crime publisher based in Chesterfield. Lynne and Jeff launched the company because they felt that there were lots of great crime writers out there, and the fact that their work wasn’t published was – well, there’s no other way of putting it - a crime!

Lynne and I struck up an immediate rapport and we got chatting about what we were both doing with our respective companies. She was really interested in the digital publishing arena and I was happy to fill her in on all our plans and ideas.

And from that meeting over a glass of vino (for her at least - I was on the OJ!) a partnership was born. Crème had a wonderful list of crime fiction, which fits in beautifully alongside CC’s non-fiction business and self help titles,

We got to work on the contract and the nitty gritty of how this would all work - and last week the deal was signed and broadcast to the publishing world at large.

We’re currently busy working on our plans for the launch titles - more on that story later in the year - and we’ll be publishing the first tranche of ebooks in the spring of 2010.

I’m so glad I listened to that inner voice that urged me to go along to the party, as otherwise we never would have met. And just think what a crime that would have been! You have permission to groan…. - AM

We’d love to know: Has your business been impacted for the better by a serendipitous encounter

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