Friday, 6 November 2009

What is it about catty colleagues?

This week, CC director Ali Muirden talks about a very particular problem for those working at home.
As I begin to write this week’s blog, every word on this screen is being scrutinized by a demanding, aloof and occasionally sinister working companion…. My cat Indy! She is sleek, black and white, half Burmese (her mum had a one night stand with the local Tom!) and totally and absolutely rules our roost! My other “catty” companion is her daughter, Short Round, who is an equally beautiful (if slightly more rotund!) Tortie, but so much nicer in nature than her regal mother!

What is it about living, and more especially, working with cats around? I find them an absolute delight to have as company during my working day, but they definitely have some disconcerting traits.

Why, for instance, when I sit down to read a manuscript (actually, I usually lie down as, for some odd reason, I find it impossible to read a book sitting up!), sitting on the script is absolutely the only thing in the world Indy will want to do at that precise moment. However, if I pick her up for a cuddle she squirms around and growls like a dog and if you don’t heed her warnings is very likely to give you a nasty right-pawer which leaves you nursing a bleeding wound for hours afterwards!

She also delights in walking across my laptop and has the spooky knack of hitting the ALT, CTRL, DELETE keys every time!

Short Round, too, has her funny little ways. She has a brilliant method of attracting my attention when she wants to be fed. She’ll sit patiently by my side “looking” at me and every so often, her little pink tongue will poke out as she licks her lips with a pleading expression which says “lPay me some attention! I’m wasting away and you are a cruel, thoughtless cat-abusing parent and I’m going to phone “cat-line” soon if you don’t get me some grub!” If the “pleading look” routine doesn’t work, she simply sticks her claws into my leg and hangs on for dear life until I yelp and give in and go get her some Whiskas Senior!

Short Round’s other “talent” is “shredding”. On spying a nice manuscript she excels at gripping the corners of the paper in her mouth and ripping it up and spitting it out! I’ve had the embarrassment on many an occasion of having to explain why my abridgment scripts have little tooth marks all over one corner!

The other major problem is that Indy detests her daughter and we live in a constant state of warfare! They have neatly divided the house into two territories… Indy lives downstairs and Shortie lives upstairs. The problems arise when Shortie needs to go out and has to navigate her way through the war zone known as our living room (also known as the Gaza Strip in our house!). Some days their battles leave me feeling a bit like the president of the UN on a major diplomatic mission!

Still, I wouldn’t be without them. It’s lovely to have my furry colleagues around for company and the odd cuddle (when they permit it!)… I’m just thankful they allow me the honour and privilege of working and living with them! -AM

We’d love to know: What’s it like working with your catty colleagues?

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  1. I think you should investigate Pawsense. A few careless pawstrokes from Indy might buy the entire Egyptian cotton crop.