Friday, 2 October 2009

Glass half empty...? Are you kiddin'?!

This week CC director Ali Muirden's husband Al gives us a window into the importance of family support when starting a new business.

OK – I’ve just got a spare few minutes to write this Blog entry between my “day job” and my NEXT task for Ali and Lorelei – I can feel the whip recoiling and about to be well and truly “cracked” even before I get to finish that glass of beer..!

Seriously though, if there was a simple maxim that I could apply to Creative Content's first 10 months of existence it would be “get on with it!” Being a “glass half empty” kind of guy, I’m quickly learning from Ali And Lorelei that procrastinating and putting things off are NOT options when it comes to running a successful business - fuelled by an incredibly strong work ethic, regular communication (all praise the hallowed Blackberry and mobile Internet access !), great ideas, extremely relevant experience to the business they’re in and the highest respect for each other, the two co-founders of Creative Content have come a LONG way in a SHORT time…Couple that to an incredibly strong self-belief shared by both of them - in themselves and the business and you really have something VERY special…

Ali and Lorelei are most definitely two of the most focused, capable, experienced and above all DRIVEN people I’ve met - for sure, two “glass half full” personalities!

Naturally, costs are a factor when setting up a new venture and I (as Ali’s husband) have been very happy (and honoured!) to get involved in as many aspects as I can to assist her and Lorelei in certain areas of the business (…”whip crack away…” I hear you say!), whether it has been shooting and editing video for Creative Content’s YouTube presence, proof checking artworks or most recently checking AND editing audio content, I have been pulled along by the incredible drive and passion that is the bedrock of CC’s reason for being…

Additionally, Ali and Lorelei have some contributions from some very talented professionals that remain heavily involved with the business be it website design and maintenance, artwork, recording and editing or legal matters and not forgetting of course, the authors and readers that CREATE the CONTENT - again, another observation I have made is that to make your business work you have to work with the RIGHT people - Ali and Lorelei have picked EXACTLY the right people - period.

The REALLY cool thing is that I know what’s in the pipeline for the future - Ali and Lorelei are never short of ideas - in fact there’s so much great stuff to come, I can barely contain my enthusiasm !

Ouch..! There goes that whip, best I crack on myself with my next bit of CC business, so in closing this time around, remember - optimism and having a “glass half full” outlook is the new black..! - Alan Muirden

We'd love to know: Did you treat friends and family as a 'natural resource' when you were starting your business?

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