Friday, 23 October 2009

And another thing...

This week Creative Content director and audiobook narrator Lorelei King talks about audiobook producers and directors.

One of my Twitter pals (and by the way, if you’re not following LoreleiKing and CCTheLowdown on Twitter – please do!) asked me for my top ten peeves when narrating. I must really be a malcontent – because I can come up with a lot more than that!

So I’ve decided to do it in categories. This week – producer/directors!

DISCLAIMER: Most audio producer/directors are fantastic – prepared, helpful, encouraging, supportive and constructive. But just occasionally you get one who lets the side down a little...

My top 10:

1. Producers who don’t prepare because they say they like to come to it ‘fresh.’ This is laziness wearing spontaneity’s hat and hoping to get away with it!

2. Producers who over-prepare and have fixed ideas about how, for example, a character should sound.

3. Producers who are tense hear noises that aren’t there.

4. Producers who stop me a lot and break my flow.

5. Producers who give me line readings (when I produce, I’m guilty of this! *hangs head in shame*).

6. Producers who want me to read hour after hour without stopping. Narrators aren’t machines!

7. Producers who don’t give positive feedback occasionally.

And city by city:

8. London producers who insist I'm wrong when I pronounce 'shone' as 'shown' or 'suggest' as 'suggjest' (even when I prove my point by showing them the relevant entry in the
Merriam Webster dictionary).

9. Los Angeles producers whose idea of direction is not 'a bit slower' or 'I think we had a bit of a tummy rumble there, darling' but rather 'I'm sorry, Lorelei... but like... I just don't feel like... you know ... that it's like... resonating from the core....' (Huh?)

10. New York producers who insist on ordering lunch from a vegan sushi bar instead of Cajun extra-hot burgers medium rare with blue cheese from
Island Burger. (Okay, we're not exactly working on the oil rigs, but narrators need sustenance!)

We’d love to know: If you’re a narrator, what are your pet peeves about producers? Or (fair’s fair) if you’re a producer, what are your pet peeves about narrators?

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