Friday, 4 September 2009

The green, green grass of home

These days I’m often asked how I “cope” with working from home! Sometimes it makes me laugh, because the person asking makes it sound like I’m having to live with some kind of affliction - like coping with a broken leg or the after effects of a flood!

I used to have a round trip commute of 4 hours, regularly getting home around 8pm and so the truth is - it’s absolutely fan-bloomin-tastic!

So here is a list of the top reasons why it’s great to work from home:

1. You can start work when it best suits you… not someone else!

2. It is totally peaceful and distraction free so you get masses done in a shorter time.

3. When you “finish” work you are instantly “home”

4. No commuting via train, car, tube and having to put up with other people’s smelly armpits in summer! And not paying a king’s ransom for the “privilege”!

5. You can nip out to the bank or shops when everyone else is at work and save yourself loads of time and hassle not queuing! (I’ve still not quite got the hang of this and find myself having a “lunch break” when everyone else does! It must be all those years of corporate conditioning!)

6. Not spending loads of money on lunch, coffee, drinks after work etc. means I am saving masses each month.

7. Having my cats around all day for a cuddle if I need one!

8. Seeing much more of my family and friends instead of cramming social events into the weekend only!

9. If I fancy a cup of tea and a biscuit, I can go raid the cupboards anytime I like.

And just so you don’t feel so bad, here are the things I MISS about not working in an office in London:

1. My friends and former work colleagues, especially as they were all very clever, witty and great company to be with.

2. Going out for a drink after work (I still do this but now I have to make an effort to go up to London especially for it!)

3. Being able to go shopping in Covent Garden or John Lewis on the way home

4. The IT Dept and the Post Room! It was a wonderful luxury not having to fix my own “computer” problems - and having someone to pack up and post off parcels would be utterly wonderful now!

5. If I fancy a cup of tea and a biscuit, I can go raid the cupboards or fridge anytime I like!
- AM

We'd love to know: Do you work from home? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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