Friday, 17 July 2009

The thrill of it all! How it felt to have a Number One Bestseller on iTunes.

I have to admit, the moment I discovered one of our launch titles was climbing high on the iTunes audio bestsellers list, it was like Christmas had come early…very early - especially as this was only in January!

The excitement of tracking its progress became a daily - who am I kidding! - hourly obsession, especially for Lorelei, who delighted in giving me frequent email updates telling me our latest ‘slot.’

The point at which “Improve Your Speech - British English” was outselling Barack Obama’s audio book “Audacity of Hope” was probably the sweetest so far. To think that we were rivaling the superstar of US politics, especially in the week following his inauguration, was a real triumph.

Thanks for all this go to Rob, our contact at iTunes, who had given us great exposure on their home page when it featured “Improve Your Speech - British English” prominently in the centre of the audio books site.

The book is a neat way to tidy up your speech… a series of fun exercises show you how to warm up your voice, exercise muscles in your tongue and mouth you probably never knew you had and banish once and for all any dread of having to talk in public. (Did you know more people fear public speaking than they do dying? Go figure!) The result is a feeling of confidence and control whenever you need to voice your opinion in any situation!

And who knew there would be so many people out there wishing they could speak like us Brits?

A slightly disgruntled and somewhat envious American guy did say to me recently that a British accent seems to makes men irresistible to American girls… - Ali Muirden

We'd love to know: Do you think good speech is crucial to getting ahead these days?

And while you’re at it: Does having a British accent make it easier to wow the opposite sex from other countries?

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  1. Congratulations, Lorelei and Ali, on your Number 1 hit - you deserve it! Great news that A Simpler Life is also moving up the Self Development Charts, we're delighted.
    Lucy and Annabel x