Friday, 26 June 2009

Our guest blogger this week is James Long - author of our latest title, 'The Lowdown: Blogging for Business.'

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. Let's do it. Let's start a blog.

Today, even the biggest businesses - online and offline - have blogs, from Coca Cola
to Google. The point of these blogs is simple: to invite conversation with any and all customers that find them.

Google actually has multiple blogs for specific interest groups, such as developers and public policy groups. All their blogs are listed on the Google Blog Directory. Google, like other large corporations, have the resources to create and run blogs tailored to talk to multiple interest groups. Another example of this 'segmented' approach to blogging, which I give in
The Lowdown: Blogging for Business, is the BBC News website, which has a variety of subject area blogs.

But what if you're just a small business, newly online or perhaps online only, like Creative Content? Finding the time to run just one blog in amongst everything else you need to do can be a stretch. So what do you really need a blog for? And how can you get one up and running in the right way, as quickly as possible? These are the big questions for entrepeneurs looking to extend their reach online that I believe are answered in
The Lowdown: Blogging for Business. (Erm, excuse the hard sell there, but an author's gotta eat, ya know!)

Ali and Lorelei's 'The Lowdown on Creative Content' blog is a perfect example of the right thing to do to help your new business reach as many customers as possible online. They've positioned the blog clearly as an inside look at 'starting a business in an economic downturn' and linked the blog to their leading branded product, The Lowdown series.

If you read back (and follow the blog) you'll find out more about the people behind the business and the highlights and hard times (few and far between, I hope) of
building Creative Content into a thriving digital publishing business. - James Long

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