Friday, 5 June 2009

Is there ever a right time?

There’s no denying that times are tough – falling sales, growing unemployment, doom and gloom merchants predicting even worse times to come could dishearten the most intrepid businessperson. But what if you have an idea that just won’t wait?

You could say that throughout my career I’ve been preparing for one of those “light bulb” moments you usually only read about. To be fair, my light bulb moment was more of a flicker - a bit like one of those new eco-friendly ones - that came gradually over several months in late 2007 as I watched with growing interest the surging increase in sales of audio books via digital download.

I realized that this was a market that was only going one way… up!

This could be the perfect opportunity to start my own business and throw off the yoke that is the commute to London. I didn’t want to wait.

I asked my colleague and friend Lorelei King if she was interested in coming on board. She said she knew a good idea when she heard it and immediately said yes. We decided what publishing areas we wanted to focus on: specially commissioned content from experts in the fields of business and self improvement..We got to work and less than 3 months later Creative Content was registered at Companies House.

Spending these past few months sourcing our launch titles, getting contracts with our distributors and dealing with what seemed like millions of official forms has been so rewarding. It’s been great fun to learn new skills, and to put to good use all the knowledge I’d picked up about publishing in the last 27 years.

Maybe we could have chosen a better time to launch a new business. But the current climate has forced us to be creative and frugal and to really think through our decisions – which is not a bad thing even during an economic boom. No-one can predict what the future holds – but I enjoy myself so much every day when I go to work and I don’t have a single regret. It was worth the wait! - Ali Muirden

Tell us what you think: If you have a business idea, is it best to wait for optimum conditions, or to just dive right in?


  1. I have just been lucky enough to hear 'A Simpler Life'
    -This is a great title, full of self improving tips -and a simple concept:
    Great tips on how to achieve our goals and dreams -and good advice on how to break bad habits!
    At last, a publisher that makes useful & interesting audio.
    I would recommend this to everyone .You are never too old learn.
    'A Simpler Life' has given me a real boost,
    thank you

  2. Thank you, ipodity, for that great review. As the co-author, with Annabel Shaw, of A Simpler Life, I'm delighted with your response. Makes all the hard work knocking it into shape seem very worthwhile, hey, Lorelei and Ali? Hoping for more responses like this!
    Lucy McCarraher