Friday, 12 June 2009

First train to Blogsville!

Wow! My very first blog entry!

I’ve been avoiding it. Who needs more e-stuff to do, right? Between emails, checking how our titles are doing on Audible and iTunes, seeing what’s new on YouTube, website maintenance, researching ideas for new titles, creating endless Word and Final Draft documents, shopping on eBay and so on, I spend loads of time online as it is.

Add to that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and now blogging ... I swear, this chair is coming with me when I stand up!

But we’re publishing a new download title this month – ‘Blogging for Business’ by James Long – and we thought it was time to practice what we e-preach, and start a blog of our own. We believe James when he says that blogging is ‘a great idea to enter the online discussion about your field.’ He’s particularly persuasive when he says, ‘Look - you wouldn’t stand around at a trade fair while potential customers were in a rowdy group opposite and just watch them having a great big energetic discussion, swapping business cards and showing each other photos of their kids and inviting each other to parties – no! You’d step over to join them, and make sure you were handing out as many business cards as you received. Well, that big group of jolly customers is everyone on the web, and your blog is the way to step into the circle and join in.’

So we’re joining in! Ali and I have learned a lot while producing ‘Blogging for Business’ – and we’re going to try to apply those lessons in the months to come. We hope you’ll let us know how we’re doing! - Lorelei King

And we’d love to know what you think about business blogging in general: Do you blog for business? If so, how has blogging helped or hindered? Do you think it can make a difference in tough economic times?

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